Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, usually come in after childhood and can sometimes cause oral complications.

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Wisdom Teeth Issues

Once the teeth start to erupt, it’s important for the dentist to regularly monitor their growth to ensure they don’t unnaturally push on other teeth or become impacted. Such situations can alter the alignment of your teeth and result in further problems, such as damage to healthy tissue and nerves or even gum infections and bone loss. In many cases, it’s best to remove the wisdom teeth to avoid such issues.

Monitor Your Teeth

By having the dentist regularly monitor your wisdom teeth, he can catch any potential complications at an early stage before any dental problems occur. When determining if your wisdom teeth should be removed, he will evaluate whether there is proper space for the teeth, if they’re erupting in the correct position, and if there is enough space in your mouth to keep them clean. If they must be removed, the good news is that Dr. Beeler is very experienced at removing wisdom teeth and is often able to provide the treatment without the use of sedation.

Catch Issues Early

Staying current with your six-month checkups is the best way for the dentist to keep a close eye on your wisdom teeth, so he can catch any problems early. Some people are lucky enough to not need any of their wisdom teeth removed, but if you are not so fortunate, you can trust Town Creek Family Dentistry to get the procedure done smoothly and with minimal discomfort.


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