Root Canal Therapy

It seems nothing sparks more angst in a dental patient than the words “root canal.” But the truth is, the pain and infection of the offending tooth is likely causing far more pain than the root canal treatment.

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Don’t Delay Treatment

By delaying the procedure, you risk greater infection, discomfort, and possible tooth loss.

Save Your Teeth

A root canal is used to save a tooth damaged by decay or trauma. If you’re experiencing regular pain in the area around a single tooth, you may need a root canal. This involves the dentist gently removing the damaged nerves and tissue and then cleaning and sealing the tooth to protect it from bacteria. The tooth is sealed with a rubber-like material and is later topped with a crown for additional strength.

Stop the Pain

We offer several comfort options that can reduce your anxiety and put you in a relaxed state during the simple procedure. Many patients say the root canal therapy is no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling. Although it may sound scary, a root canal is a highly successful restorative treatment that can protect your teeth and get you out of pain.


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