If you have a broken tooth that cannot be repaired or an infection along with severe tooth pain, an extraction may be the best course of action.

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The Last Resort

We always practice conservative care and will do everything we can to save or repair your natural teeth. However, sometimes conditions in your mouth, ranging from infection to advanced tooth decay, make tooth extraction necessary.

Extractions (Wisdom teeth)

Extractions (Surgical)

Painless Extraction

Although having a tooth “pulled” can feel like a scary situation, it’s important to know that it is a fairly routine procedure. In addition, we make it our goal to help you feel relaxed and to make the extraction as quick and painless as possible. The location and the size of the tooth being removed affects the extensiveness of the process. For example, a front tooth with a single root is generally easier to remove than a molar with multiple roots. No matter what tooth is removed, we are always careful to preserve the surrounding tissue and bone.

Replacement Options

If you do require tooth extraction, all is not lost. There are several options for replacing missing teeth and giving your smile a second chance.


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