In recent years, dentures have undergone much advancement, and now there are many comfortable and attractive tooth replacement choices.

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A Perfect Fit

There is no need to struggle with loose or ill-fitting dentures or to rely on messy adhesive. We work with the best labs and can fit you with dentures that feel secure and allow you to eat the foods you want and like.

Complete Denture

Locator Retained Dentures

Partial Denture

Bar Retained Denture

Hybrid Dentures


Several Denture Options

Many patients today prefer implant-supported, permanent dentures over removable dentures, because they are long lasting and look and function like regular teeth. Instead of simply replacing the visible portion of the tooth (as with removable dentures), denture implants replace both the tooth and the root which helps to reduce bone loss as well as maintain or improve facial structure.

Quality Dentures

Quality dentures can greatly improve your quality of life and enable you to enjoy simple pleasures like trouble-free eating and laughing with friends. In some cases, this can even be done with your current dentures. To learn more about which denture option will work best for you, schedule an appointment with Town Creek Family Dentistry.


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