Crowns and Bridges

A crown brings a tooth back to its appropriate size, shape, and strength, so you can eat, chew, and smile as normal.

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Why Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are used for several reasons, such as restoring damaged teeth, improving a tooth’s appearance and function, realigning teeth, and repairing a root-canal treated tooth.

Bridge vs Implant

Bridge (Impressions)

Crown Procedure

Crowns are usually placed on a single tooth but are sometimes used across multiple teeth in a procedure that’s called a bridge. Both crowns and bridges come in multiple materials, but we prefer to use tooth-colored porcelain, as it is durable and extremely natural looking. Getting a dental crown usually requires two visits – one where the dentist examines the tooth and prepares it for the crown and another where the permanent crown is set. Between these two visits the crown is custom created to suit your unique tooth.

Protect Your Teeth

Crowns and bridges are appropriate for people who’ve had root canals as well as those who have teeth that are worn down or break often because of damage, decay, or injury. If you know or suspect you might need a crown, it’s important to get it taken care of right away. Leaving a vulnerable tooth unprotected can cause further damage and may lead to more expensive and involved dental work.


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